Análise da Incerteza de Mediςão por Imagem Associada à Fraςão de Liquido Fundido em um Problema de Mudanςa de Fase

Pedro Costa, Fabiana R. Leta, Gisele R. Vieira, Sergio L. Braga, Dominique Gobine


This work analysis the associated uncertainties to the liquid fraction measurements of a phase-change experiment. The images produced by the experiment show the melting of a vertical ice layer into a differentially heated rectangular cavity in presence of natural convection and density maximum. The analysis of the melting problem in the presence of convection is very important for energy storage systems and other engineering applications. The non-linear density variation in the buoyancy term affects the movement of the interface, the flow structure and the heat transfer by natural convection. The test section where the melting experiments were performed allows to visualize the flow, measure temperatures, and take photographs of the flow structure and the interface evolution. Some image-processing techniques are used to analyze the phase-change problem with natural convection. The analysis and interpretation of images are very important for the correct understanding of the phenomenon under study. Methods of image processing are used to automate the process of extracting information from the experimental model.

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