Development of a Conservative Numerical Solver for Gas-Particles Multifluid Systems Using Kinetic Theory of Granular Flow

Cesar Venier, Santiago Márquez Damián, Damián Ramajo, Norberto Nigro


An Eulerian multiphase gas-solid solver with kinetic theory closure has been developed and implemented on the open-source code OpenFOAMR . In order to increase the accuracy of the model, a fully conservative form of the momentum equations has been adopted, keeping the phase fraction in both space and time derivatives. The enforcement of the packing limit has been addressed by an implicit treatment of the particle pressure contribution on the phase continuity equation, and a semi-implicit treatment of the drag term on the momentum equations has been used to construct the face fluxes needed by the algorithm. The solver has been tested against standard multiphase cases, where analytical or numerical solutions are available for comparison.

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