Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting Using a Lead-Free Piezoelectric Material

Mariano Febbo, Sebastián P. Machado, Leandro A. Ramajo, Miriam S. Castro


Vibration-based energy harvesting is visualized as an auxiliary power source, which can provide small amounts of energy to power remote sensors installed over inaccessible locations. The article presents an experimental and analytical investigation of an energy harvesting device using a lead-free piezoelectric material based on MoO3-doped (K0:44Na0:52Li0:04)(Nb0:86Ta0:10Sb0:04)O3 (KNL-NTS) obtained by the conventional solid state reaction. The harvesting model corresponds to a cantilever beam with a KNL-NTS piezoelectric disc attached to it subjected to base excitation. We analyze the effect of the electromechanical coupling and the load resistance on the output electrical power. Electromechanical frequency response functions (FRFs), that relate the voltage output to the translational base acceleration are shown for experimental and analytical results.

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