Bones Reconstruction from Tomographic Images Using Numerical and Computational Methods

A. P. Moreno Madrid, S. M. Vrech


Tissue Engineering is a highly multidisciplinary science in full expansion, which results from the combination of cell culture and the construction of scaffolds. Basically, it starts from the computer modeling of the defect or missing volume in order to obtain a personalized replacement of the defective or absent biological tissue. The obtained “mold”, coated and/or filled with different biomaterials arranged in special microarchitectures, becomes in a scaffold which is contacted with biological material to start the tissue regenerating process. The main object of this work is to establish a protocol for the numerical and computational modeling of bones and their defects from processing images obtained by computed tomography. The obtained models can be materialized using 3D printers. In addition, they may be used in the simulation of the bones mechanical response by using the Finite Element Method.

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