Simulation of the Three Edge Bearing Test: 3D Model for the Study of the Strength Capacity of SFRC Pipes

Facundo L. Ferrado, Mario R. Escalante, Viviana C. Rougier


The use of SFRC as building material, has been expanding its possibilities beyond conventional applications. Among its new applications, SFRC pipes appear as a new reliable alternative to the common pipes which use steel mesh as reinforcement, due to the structural benefits that mean the fiber addition. In spite of the advances achieved regarding the knowledge of the behavior of SFRC as a structural material, a numerical tool which allows to predict the mechanical response of SFRC pipes is needed, this is due to the complexity of the costly experimental campaigns. In this work the mechanical behavior of SFRC pipes is numerically assessed by means of the simulation of the three edge bearing test (TEBT) according to IRAM 11503 standard through a tridimensional model, which is implemented using a finite element analysis tool. SFRC is considered as a homogeneous material described for a damage-plasticity model which consider different behaviors in tension and compression by means of stress-strain uniaxial curves. These curves are obtained from equations arising from theoretical-experimental developments of other authors. Finally the results of the simulations are shown by means of load-deflection curves, ultimate loads charts and strength distribution diagrams, which are compared with those ones obtained in an experimental campaign carried out by the authors themselves. The results are complemented with some pictures depicting the experimental campaign mentioned above, with both the equipment used during the tests as well as the failure modes of the pipes are shown.

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