Rotor-Blades Loads on a Wind Generator: Design and Dynamic Response of a Guyed Tower

Jorge S. Ballaben, Marta B. Rosales


The design of dynamic loads due to the system rotor-blade action on a wind generator is investigated in this work. Even when considering a perfect laminar airflow, the column causes a disturbance in the flow down the blade. Since this perturbation is produced each time a blade shadows the tower, it produces a periodic variation in the load. The objective of this investigation is to explore the influence that the periodic dynamic on the thrust load produced by the flow perturbation has on the dynamic behavior of the tower. Despite the dynamic is inherently periodic, the actual shape of the variation is unknown and some approximations to the shape obtained by other authors are considered. Some of the parameters of the load variation are unknown, which here will be considered fixed. Finally, the nonlinear dynamic response, in terms of the displacements of the tip of a guyed wind tower is analyzed.

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