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2005 Oscillation and variation for the Gaussian Riesz transforms and Poisson integral Abstract   PDF
Eleonor Harboure, Roberto A. Macías, Trinidad Menárguez, José L. Torrea
2011 Parabolic Besov Regularity for the Heat Equation Abstract   PDF
Hugo Aimar, Ivana Gómez
2007 Parabolic mean values and maximal estimates for gradients of temperatures Abstract   PDF
Hugo A. Aimar, Ivana Gómez, Bibiana Iaffei
2009 Pointwise estimates for gradients of temperatures in terms of maximal functions Abstract   PDF
Hugo A. Aimar, Ivana Gómez, Bibiana Iaffei
2008 Polynomials with all their roots on $S^1$ Abstract   PDF
Ricardo D. Toledano
2007 Principal fitted components for dimension reduction in regression Abstract   PDF
Dennis Cook, Liliana Forzani
2009 Regularity of the Schrödinger equation for the harmonic oscillator Abstract   PDF
Bruno Bongioanni, Keith M. Rogers
2009 Residuated lattices as algebraic semantics for paraconsistent Nelson logic Abstract   Untitled
Manuela Busaniche, Roberto Cignoli
2009 Riesz transforms related to Schrödinger operators acting on BMO type spaces. Abstract   PDF
Bruno Bongioanni, Eleonor Harboure, Oscar Salinas
2010 Simulation of free surface flows by a finite element interface capturing technique Abstract   PDF
Laura Battaglia, Mario Alberto Storti, Jorge D'Elía
2006 Simultaneous Untangling and Smoothing of Moving Mesh Abstract   PDF
Ezequiel J. Lopez, Norberto Marcelo Nigro, Mario Alberto Storti
2006 Sloshing in a Multi-Physics Parallel Programming Paradigm Abstract   PDF
Laura Battaglia, Jorge D'Elía, Mario Alberto Storti, Norberto Marcelo Nigro
2012 Smoothness improvement for temperatures in terms of the Besov regularity of initial and Dirichlet data Abstract   PDF
Hugo A. Aimar, Ivana Gómez
2006 Sobolev spaces associated to the harmonic oscillator. Abstract   PDF
Bruno Bongioanni, José L. Torrea
2007 Spectral duality for finitely generated nilpotent minimum algebras, with applications Abstract   Untitled
S. Aguzzoli, Manuela Busaniche, V. Marra
2006 Strong coupling strategy for fluid structure interaction problems in supersonic regime via fixed point iteration Abstract   PDF
Mario Alberto Storti, Norberto Marcelo Nigro, Rodrigo Rafael Paz
2009 Study of canonicity in subvarieties of BL-algebras Abstract   Untitled
Manuela Busaniche, Leonardo Cabrer
2003 Surface Diffusion of Graphs: Variational Formulation, Error Analysis and Simulation Abstract   PDF
Eberhard Bänsch, Pedro Morin, Ricardo H. Nochetto
2007 Tensorial Equations for Three-Dimensional Laminar Boundary Layer Flows Abstract   PDF
Mario Alberto Storti, Jorge D'Elía, Laura Battaglia
2008 The Mahler measure of linear forms as special values of solutions of algebraic differential equations Abstract   PDF
Ricardo D. Toledano
2011 Tug-of-war games and the infinity Laplacian with spatial dependence Abstract   PDF
Ivana Gómez, Julio Daniel Rossi
2009 Validación del Código PETSc-FEM en Fenómenos Convectivos Abstract   PDF
Alejandro Ferreiro, Norberto Nigro, Lisandro Dalcín, Mario Storti
2009 Validation of A 0D/1D Computational Code for the Design of Several Kind of Internal Combustion Engines Abstract   PDF
Ezequiel José López, Norberto Marcelo Nigro
2008 Weak type $(1,1)$ of maximal operators on metric measure spaces Abstract   PDF
Marilina Carena
2009 Weighted inequalities and pointwise estimates for the multilinear fractional integral and maximal operators Abstract   PDF
Gladis G. Pradolini
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