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ADAPTOR version 12.0. Installation with gcc and ifort

Primero instalar y compilar el MPICH (o el MPI), incluyendo f77 y f90 con el mismo compilador que luego se va a usar en las aplicaciones. Luego, sigue lo siguiente ...

%CODE{ lang="bash" num="1" }% # Set dynamic libraries path and path: Intel case source /opt/intel/idb/9.0/bin/idbvars.sh source /opt/intel/mkl/8.0.1/tools/environment/mklvars32.sh source /opt/intel/cc/9.0/bin/iccvars.sh source /opt/intel/fc/9.0/bin/ifortvars.sh

# Verify compiler and its version and that it works well which ifort

# A simple test cd /usr/local/paquetes/tests ifort conftest.f90 -o conftest.exe conftest.exe

# Environment variable for MPICH: gfortran export MPI_HOME="/usr/local/mpich2-ifc/1.0.5" export MPI_INC="-I$MPI_HOME/include" export MPI_LIB="-lc -L$MPI_HOME/lib -lpmpich -lmpich -lmpichf90 -lmpichcxx -lpthread" export MPI_ADDLIBS=

# Set dynamic libraries path and path: MPICH2 export LD1="/usr/local/lib" ; echo $LD1 if [ -z "${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}" ] then export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$MPI_HOME/lib" else export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$MPI_HOME/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$LD1" fi if [ -z "${PATH}" ] then export PATH="$MPI_HOME/bin:" else export PATH="$PHOME/bin:$MPI_HOME/bin:$PATH" fi

# A control echo $MPI_HOME ; echo $MPI_INC ; echo $MPI_LIB ; echo $MPI_ADDLIBS echo "LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $LD_LIBRARY_PATH" echo "PATH = $PATH"

# Another test cd /usr/local/paquetes/tests ifort $MPI_INC $MPI_LIB -o conftest.exe conftest.f90 conftest.exe

# Install the MPICH2 package with the same F90 compiler that it will be used with adaptor

# Set ADAPTOR version, compiler and mpich-version export VER="12.0"; export FIL="adp_12.0.tar.gz" ; echo $VER ; echo $FIL export COM="ifc-105" ; echo $COM

# Untar the adaptor source file cd /usr/local ; mkdir adaptor ; cd /usr/local/adaptor ; mkdir $VER cd $VER ; mkdir $COM ; cd $COM ; pwd tar -zxvf /usr/local/paquetes/adaptor_install/$FIL

# Propietario y grupo cd .. chown -R root $COM chgrp -R root $COM cd $COM ; pwd

# Environment variable for PHOME export PHOME=/usr/local/adaptor/$VER/$COM ; echo $PHOME

# Environment variables for the CC compiler export CC=gcc ; echo $CC export CFLAGS="-w -O" ; echo $CFLAGS

# Environment variables for the F77 compiler # # ifort compiler: NOTE taht -Wp MUST BE at first place export F77=ifort ; echo $F77 export F77_EXTEND="-extend-source" ; echo $F77_EXTEND export F77_NOWARN="-w" ; echo $F77_NOWARN export F77_OPT="-Wp,-xP,-O3,-ipo,-vms,-recursive" ; echo $F77_OPT export F77_FLAGS="-fPIC -I$MPI_HOME/include" ; echo $F77_FLAGS export F77_MP="-auto" ; echo $F77_MP

# environment variable for the thread library export THR_LIB=-lpthread ; echo $THR_LIB

# BEFORE to start: # # 1) Set dynamic libraries path and path. THIS IS A CRITICAL POINT. # # 2) In "configure" file, check "extended LENGTH" (new line 2810) # ifort : adds "-extend-source" # # 3) Also check "FREE source format" (new line 2952) # ifort : "-free"

# System's configuration: # # A configuration must be done as: cd $PHOME ; pwd make distclean make clean find . -name "*.o" | xargs rm -f find . -name "*.log" | xargs rm -f rm -f $PHOME/bin/cadapt rm -f $PHOME/bin/adaptor

./configure 2>&1 | tee configure.log cat config.log

# Looks in the ".adaptorrc" file the variables: # a) Libraries for distributed memory message passing: # DM:mpi = -lc -L/usr/local/mpich2/1.0.3/lib -lmpichf90 -lmpichf90 -lmpich # DM:mpi = -lc -L/usr/local/mpich2/g95/1.0.3/lib -lmpichf90 -lmpich -lf95 -lm # b) Fortran compiler: # FC=ifort -fPIC -I/usr/local/mpich2/1.0.x/include # FC_FREE=-free # FC_EXTEND=-extend-source # FC_EXTEND_LENGTH=132 # FC_OPT=-Wp,-xP,-O3,-ipo,-vms,-recursive # FC_MP=-auto # FC_FLAGS=-w # LD_FLAGS=

# PATCH for release 12.0 and IFORT 9.0 # # There are problems due to the fact that the configure system is not working well at this time. # So the 'Makefile' in dalib is not okay and it should replace the assignment to PM_LIBS with: PM_LIBS = $(PM_NULL) # # since ADAPTOR builds some libraries for performance measurement that are not really needed. # This modification must be performed next to the configuration step.

# Make the System's construction cd $PHOME ; pwd make 2>&1 | tee make.log

# Traductor's construction cd $PHOME/src ; pwd make clean make 2>&1 | tee make_src.log

# Settings $PHOME/bin/adaptor -settings 2>&1 | tee adaptor_settings.log $PHOME/bin/fadapt -settings 2>&1 | tee fadapt_settings.log

# Before testing the compiler cd $PHOME chmod 775 -R test_examples chmod 775 -R hpf_examples chgrp -R users test_examples chgrp -R users hpf_examples

# in each user enviroment (e.g. .bashrc) export PHOME=/usr/local/adaptor/12.0/ifc-105 export PATH=$PATH:$PHOME/bin export MANPATH=$MANPATH:$PHOME/man

# ADAPTOR's bin and man in the PATH export PATH=$PATH:$PHOME/bin ; echo $PATH export MANPATH=$MANPATH:$PHOME/man ; echo $MANPATH

# See Sec. 9.2 for testing the compiler

#end %ENDCODE%

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